Lightning Decision Jam

The Lightning Decision Jam (LDJ) is an exercise created by AJ&Smart as an easy way to make faster decisions and find quick direction.

Coaching and Innovation: Creating a culture of collaboration and engagement

When addressing a culture of coaching in an organization, we look to collaboration in a shared enterprise that expects the engagement of participants intent on innovation.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM’s Design Thinking Practice

How IBM Drives Client Value And Measurable Outcomes With Its Design Thinking Framework

And Introduction to Design Sprints

Any worthwhile product or service begins with the customer. Its purpose is to satisfy customers’ needs. This is the starting point for any design or redesign project.

Why Design Thinking Works

Why Design Thinking Works by Dr.Jeanne Liedtka

This article addresses the biases and behaviors that hamper innovation.

Behavior and Habit Design by Samuel Salzer

Behavior and Habit Design by Samuel Salzer

Helping organizations build user-centered and habit-forming products and services by applying the latest behavioral design insights.