The AI Transformation

Learn how to apply AI to solve problems and ignite business growth. Develop Future Skills Today!

In partnership with 33A, we are excited to offer AI Design Sprint™ Certifications!

The key takeaway of our programs are:

  • Understand the power of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on our world as a consumer and business leader.
  • Appreciate how AI is an essential commercial opportunity in our lifetime.
  • Create a strategic approach to applying  our AI Canvas in your workplace.
  • An understanding of business applications and outcomes that AI can achieve
  • Craft an AI journey from customer needs to strategy.
  • Craft an ethical and compliance approach to integrating AI into your workplace.

Our Certifications provide the following:

  • Workshop canvas templates
  • AI Cards
  • Customizable Powerpoint Decks
  • 7+ Microlearning Sessions
  • A private membership site for ongoing updates and strategies
  • Step-By-Step Training

With this certification, you’ll be able to provide your clients with the tools they need to explore the possibilities of AI within their organization.

Join a community of like-minded professionals who successfully design and deploy AI in their organizations or with their clients.

Your Program Experience

Live Sessions with a
Master Facilitator 

Live Sessions with a Master Facilitator

Real World

Real World Applications

190 AI Cards with Business Examples

Practical Frameworks to
Drive your AI Strategy

Practical Frameworks to Drive your AI Strategy

Our Certifications

Ethics and Compliance

AI Design Sprint™: Ethics and Compliance

Learn and understand the ethical and legal aspects of integrating AI into your products and services.

In today’s digital world, we must stay ahead of the game in the constantly evolving field of AI. Adding the AI Design Sprint Ethics & Compliance Facilitators Certification to your tool kit will give you a competitive edge.

This certification will equip you with the knowledge and skills to help your clients navigate the ethical and legal considerations of integrating AI into their products and services.

You’ll gain an understanding of relevant laws and regulations and learn how to mitigate potential risks associated with AI.

AI Design Sprint™: Opportunity Mapping

As a facilitator, trainer, and leader, you recognize the value of providing your clients with a comprehensive understanding of AI opportunities within their company. The AI Design Sprint™: AI Opportunity Mapping is the perfect tool to help open your clients’ eyes to the potential of AI.

In this facilitator certification, you will learn how to guide your clients through identifying AI opportunities on both their company’s organizational and product sides.

The outcome will be a heatmap-style overview of AI opportunities, highlighting hotspots and sparking first ideas.

Design Sprint™ – Process Automation

AI Design Sprint™: Process Automation

Transform your business by making use of AI Technology. Learn how your organization can revolutionize your products and services.

The AI Design Sprint™: Process Automation is a sales tool for consultants to start AI projects with their non-technical business clients. For teams in large organizations that work on process automation internally, it’s the way to collaborate with stakeholders and non-technical business people and approach process automation systematically.

During our session, we will show you how to enhance business processes. Optimize efficiency and enhance customer/employee experience.

Design Sprint – Products and Services

AI Design Sprint™: Products and Services

Transform your business by making use of AI Technology. Learn how your organization can revolutionize your products and services.

As a facilitator, trainer, or leader, you understand the importance of staying ahead of the changing needs of your clients. Personalization is the key to success in today’s market, and it’s time to ensure your services and products reflect this.

The Product and Service AI Design Sprint® offers a unique opportunity for you to help your clients transform their existing products and services using AI technologies.

Additionally, you’ll be able to guide them in creating new product and service concepts based on identified user needs and wants.

Design Sprint™ – Conversational AI

AI Design Sprint™: Conversational AI

Get a jumpstart on implementing Conversational AI in your business!

As a trainer, facilitator, or leader, you understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving field of conversational AI.

Our AI Design Sprint® Conversational AI offers a unique opportunity for you to develop your expertise in this area and make a real impact on the customer experience.

Together, we’ll explore how conversational AI can improve customer interactions throughout the customer journey.

We’ll identify the essential aspects of AI Smart Assistant for your clients and work together to design a customer journey map highlighting the specific points where conversational AI can make the most significant difference.