One of the fascinating customer-service features of Artificial Intelligence is its ability to quickly respond to personal habits and preferences. After a few clicks on Amazon, a customer receives follow-up suggestions for the kind of books that would be appealing or the kind of clothes, foods, and a myriad of other products sought by a customer. This is AI’s facility of predicting and optimizing purchasing trends of any customer shopping on Amazon. And there is no signing up or registering with the company.

The millions of Amazon shoppers have experienced this amazing convenience. Amazon is not the only business using AI predictive power. Companies like and are plying AI to their customers who are looking for movies they like or clothes they wear. is a movie recommendation service based on AI and Deep Learning. Click movies and tags you like and the system will do the rest – in a few click, Movix adapts to your preferences and gives you movies worth watching ” – from their opening paragraph “About Movix”. The site will help you set up your own collection of preferred movies and it seems there is no registration in the process. There were no fees indicated, though it seems logical that a customer would have to make some kind of purchase. seems to be a dream online clothing store, claiming to offer personal styling for everyone. It seems incredible like “If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t.” Nevertheless it makes the claim: “With clothing hand-selected by our expert stylists for your unique size and style, you’ll always look and feel your best. No subscription required.” It covers adults and children. The website invites the customer to take three steps: 1) share your fit and style; set your price range. 2) pay $20 styling fee for each shipment as credit for what you keep. 3) buy what you like, send back the rest; easy as that. This sounds fabulous for the fashion-minded shopper.

Another wearable site is Resa Wear. For this one, it might be helpful to watch the YouTube of the satisfied customer Neil giving his testimonial about insoles that changed his health problems. It is a credible pitch.

These are just a few examples of Artificial Intelligence connecting customers to efficient companies who want to individualize services. The higher the rate of satisfaction, the longer the happy customer will return to shop at such a company. Artificial Intelligence is good for both business and customers.