Team and Leadership Certification

Digital Transformation Leaders Program

Thrive in a VUCA World: Unleash Your Team’s Full Potential. In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations must be tech-forward and agile to drive innovation and create engaging products and services.

But how do you cultivate a culture that empowers employees to embrace existing and emerging technologies, while fostering diversity of thinking and perspective?

The answer lies in developing innovation mindsets, mastering AI and leadership, and honing the art of sensemaking.

Join us as we explore a new approach to driving employee performance, aligning teams, and achieving better business outcomes in today’s VUCA world

Program Outline: “Empowering Teams for Success: A Personalized Development Journey”

Session 1: Introduction to Assessments

  • Overview of DiSC, 16 Personalities, Culture Pulse, 16 Types, Motivating Values, Instinctive Drives, and Energy Rhythm assessments
  • Explanation of how these assessments can be used to enhance team performance
  • Participants take the assessments and receive their individual results

Session 2: Understanding Your Team

  • Group discussion on the results of the assessments and how they impact team dynamics
  • Exploration of the different personality types, values, drives, and energy rhythms in the team
  • Understanding how to leverage the strengths of each team member to drive success

Session 3: Cultivating Innovation Mindsets

  • Introduction to the concept of innovation mindsets and how they drive success
  • Understanding how to foster a culture of innovation in your team
  • Techniques for encouraging creative problem-solving and collaboration

Session 4: Mastering AI and Leadership

  • Overview of the role of AI in today’s digital landscape
  • Understanding the impact of AI on team performance and how to harness its full potential
  • Techniques for effective leadership in a tech-forward environment

Weekly Coaching Tips: “Coach in Your Pocket”

  • Regular tips and guidance on how to enhance team performance, foster innovation, and lead in a VUCA world
  • Access to a team of expert coaches to support your journey

Team Development Dashboard:

  • Two months of access to a comprehensive online dashboard that provides insights and recommendations for team development
  • Regular updates and progress tracking to help you monitor and support your team’s growth

This program is designed to empower teams with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. With a focus on personal development, innovation mindsets, AI, and leadership, this program offers a unique and comprehensive approach to driving employee performance and achieving better business outcomes.

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