Strategic Partners

Our dedicated team of consultants and strategic partners provide diverse and comprehensive knowledge in the areas of organizational psychology, innovation strategy, organizational development, team development, and executive leadership.

ExperiencePoint ®

ExperiencePoint is an award-winning training company that develops innovation and change management workshops to transform the way people learn, manage change, and solve complex problems. Built on established theory but grounded in realistic business problems, their simulation experiences challenge people to roll up their sleeves, stretch outside their comfort zones, and build confidence and commitment to make an impact.

ROI Institute, Inc

ROI Institute is the global leader in measurement and evaluation. The Institute helps organizations evaluate the success of projects and programs including measuring the financial return on investment (ROI). ROI Institute operates through a network of partners and associates in the U.S. and in over 60 countries.

Sprintbase ®

Awesome design thinking innovation software …

Sprintbase helps remote teams confidently apply design thinking, embed innovation skills, and get results.

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Solve ANY problem in 60 minutes (without conflict or chaos)

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