Sprintbase™ helps innovative teams collaborate across silos and geographies to tackle big challenges and wow end-users.


Sprintbase™ is a virtual design thinking platform that seamlessly leads teams through the innovation process with built-in tools and direction to produce great outcomes.

Remote teams collaborate from anywhere to tackle challenges, develop products and create meaningful impact. Sprintbase™ helps organizations of any size to drive continuous innovation and build design thinking capability at scale.

Sprintbase enables your team to:

  • Create home-grown innovation success stories traditionally achieved through external consultants
  • Tap into the creative potential of cross-functional, remote team collaboration
  • Increase organizational agility by enabling people to run their own sprints with confidence
  • Develop more innovative, user-centric solutions to the challenges they face in day-to-day work
  • Foster a shared process, language and culture of innovation

Overcome Barriers to Innovation

TIME – Sprintbase™ projects don’t need to be full-time (in fact, they rarely are). They run in parallel with people’s day jobs for as little as one week or up to multiple months. Individual time requirements are scalable to the team’s challenge and work realities.

STRUCTURE – Teams are guided through each step of the process, given the right tools at the right time and auto-notified whenever action is required.

PHYSICAL PROXIMITY – People from across functions, offices and geographies collaborate in virtual workspaces – diminishing the impact of silos and creating positive network effects.

CONFIDENCE – Teams engage with real people, practice the tools and mindsets in their world, and discover their own success stories. This builds confidence to apply new methods day-to-day and resist the urge to retreat to old familiar practices.

Customize your Sprintbase experience

Our U.S.-based team works with you to create customizable journeys, ensuring you get the most out of your Sprintbase™ experience and achieve your innovation objectives.

  • Virtual Coaching – Enable Sprintbase™ teams to learn and achieve more with virtual coaching support from our design thinking experts throughout your journey.
  • Certification – Become a certified Sprintbase™ coach to drive your innovation efforts and develop in-house expertise through the Sprintbase™ certification process.

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