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Innovation Design Studio™

A New Strategic Paradigm

To create a new stream of client revenue as part of your Corporate and Workforce Strategy, there is one thing you must have:

Cutting edge content that addresses the immediate and future needs of your clients.

Strategic Shifts

Do you find yourself working on new strategies which will increase your revenue goals only to find a mismatch between your current content and the everchanging landscaping of today’s workplace?

Are you starting to see a distinct change of behavior of those you serve?

Regardless of the size of the company, our world of work has quickly shifted leaving our business leaders needing to quickly figure out how to shift or pivot their business strategy, offerings, or products.

The Challenge

In today’s fast-paced and changing world, our corporate colleges leaders and trainers need different tools and strategies.  We need to provide a solid and proven framework which will help address questions such as:

How can our business leaders leverage rapid change to drive growth?

How can our local businesses thrive in today’s fast-changing world?

How do we shift from reacting to rapid change and rapidly adapt and create value for our stakeholders?

How do we shift ahead, stay relevant, and create solutions, products, and services for those we serve?

After working for over 20 years in the higher education setting…

I specifically focused on building revenue streams and creating strong, fruitful alliances among the business es we served and in terms of the programs and services we offered.

I came to the realization that we need tools, processes, and proven methods used by organizations as Google, Amazon, and Apple, organizations that are constantly innovating and repositioning themselves to serve their clients daily.

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You have a need to find a new approach to generate revenue while providing value and return on investment for your clients.

Introducing “Innovation Design Studio”

Your toolkit filled with a proven Innovation Process, templates, guides, and certifications which will position you and your organization as a leader in Innovation design.

Power of Network

Join our network of Innovators who will help transform the businesses and communities you serve.

Our Innovation Design Studio consists of training, licensed content, and technology that will create new revenue streams and new offerings which can immediately be implemented.  A true differentiator in the market.

The power of our offering is a proven methodology that rapidly accelerates the innovation capability of your team, your organizations, and the business community you serve.

You will not only build innovation capability for your own team but will also offer customized services and solutions to those you serve.

Power of Our Licensing Agreement

Strategies By Design offers your organization a unique revenue generating opportunity of purchasing a commercial license as part of the Sprintbase® and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Certification Packages.

Tackle internal challenges and create innovative AI capabilities for your organization.

This license allows co-branding of documents, products, and services to your business community.

Become part of our global network of design professionals

License Content Opportunity

As part of the licensing agreement, you will receive:
The Innovation Design Studio classes:

AI 101

AI Automation

AI Conversational Bots

AI Overview

Artificial Design Workshop

As part of the licensing agreement, you will receive:

Remote Facilitator’s Certification

Certification in AI Sprint Automation

Certification in AI Chatbot

Presentation Decks

AI Cards

Ethics Cards

Project Scoping Documents

Sales Page

Quarterly Blog to share with the team

Monthly Coaching Session

Downloadable Material

Detailed Speaker Notes

Workshop Agendas

Communication templates for those you serve

Slack Channel

Artificial Intelligence Design Workshop

This interactive workshop will accelerate your journey and knowledge of Artificial Intelligence: learn the basics of AI and design an AI solution and ethical implications, while reimaging the Future-Implications for your organization’s strategy.

The workshop that will highlight:

Definition of AI

The intersection between AI and Design Thinking

Different types of AI

Ethical Implications of AI

Identify AI potential for your organization


The meaning behind common AI terminology, including neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, and data science

The power of User Intent

How to spot opportunities to apply AI to problems in your own organization

Understand what AI components need to learn

How to navigate ethical discussions surrounding AI


A proven hands-on approach to identify, define and assess the most promising tasks and business processes worth fully or partly automated with AI. (The focus is on admin processes rather than manufacturing).

The team examines each step and develops AI concepts that enable the remodeling of the entire mapped-out process. Using our cards and canvas the team evaluates and iterates the concepts through both an ethical perspective and user feedback.

Finally, our AI expert performs a tech check and we build a technical prototype for user testing. 

AI Conversational Sprint

This interactive workshop will focus on developing the functionality and personality of a conversational AI solution and effectively writing the first conversation.


Design a customer journey map

Identify specific points on the journey which will be most influenced by an AI Chatbot

Identify AI Smart Assistant aspects that are most important to your clients

Design the first conversation for your custom AI Chatbot

Your Innovation Toolkit

Created by experienced design practitioners, Sprintbase® is a remote innovation platform that empowers changemakers, facilitators, and everyday innovators to apply human-centered design. Sprintbase® gives teams a place to collaborate.  Sprintbase® also enables them to achieve innovative results when tackling strategic problems, integrating AI aspects into processes, and addressing common organizational challenges.

Built-in tools and guidance

Supported by built-in expert guidance every step of the way, teams effectively explore more opportunities and build lasting innovation skills.  Every Sprintbase user receives access to the Tools Library of 40 + methods, instructions, and templates to help them think differently and achieve better results in their innovation sprints and day-to-day work.

Virtual Facilitation Training

Our certifications are offered via an interactive virtual workshops method that give you the knowledge, tools, and confidence to run high-impact workshops and projects. During certification, you will have the opportunity to dive deeply into methods, practice facilitation, and prepare to lead your first workshop.

What you get:

Access to the customized configuration of Sprintbase® that supports the workshop you have been certified to lead (populated with project content)

Presentation PowerPoint deck and presenter notes

40+ Innovation Templates and tools

Instructional video content

Facilitator guide

Project Scoping Document

Innovation Coaching Tip Sheet

Packages to Consider


Packages to Consider



The training will be a live hands on, learning by doing experience. Besides teaching the methodology and processes, we will equip you with the relevant assets. In short, everything you need to begin facilitating your own AI Design Sprints™ .

Digital canvases

AI Cards™ & AI Category Cards™

Facilitation Presentation (incl. timers and notes)

Workshop agendas

Preparation guide


Hands on learning experience to give you the ability and confidence to run sessions yourself.


Annual license to run unlimited sessions.


We’re here to make sure your first session is a success.


We’ll keep you up to date with our latest material.


Possibility to add your company logo to material.

Revenue Generation Ideas

Our Team

Our team of Certified Innovation Coaches, Master Facilitators, Behavior Design Experts, and AI professionals will assist in the design and customization of the approach of reinvigorating your organization’s program and initiatives. Our team holds advanced degrees and certification along with 10 plus years of experience in the area of innovation, leadership, behavior design, and design thinking.

Our area of expertise includes:

Innovation and Design Thinking Professionals

Master Sprintbase® Facilitators

AI Sprint Certificated Professionals

Behavior Service Designers

Innovation Coaches