The fully-customizable People-Assessment Platform to add to your Consultancy Toolbox, so that you can make more money, serve your clients better, and set yourself apart in a sea of competition!

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The Great People Inside platform is a great fit for you and your business IF:


You’re a Coach, Trainer, Recruiter, or HR Consultant…

You help to hire new staff or develop current team members…
You want to provide more robust and reliable service for your clients…

You’re eager to use assessments in your work and recognize the potential growth in your business and bottom line from doing so…


You already use assessments in your work but feel like what you’re using right now is GOOD but not good enough.

You understand that one size does not (and should not) fit all when it comes to assessments… (I knew I liked you!)

Do You Want An Innovative & Customizable Tool To Add To Your Consultancy Toolbox?


Here’s how we can help:

Become a Certified GPI Partner

Perfect for you if you want to use GPI Assessments in your Coaching and Consultancy business and provide an additional service for your clients — but want extra support adding it to your suite of services and integrating it into your business.

Your initial investment of $5,000 includes…

  • Split of revenue per GPI Assessment — so you make money every single time you run a GPI Assessment for your clients.  
  • The complete GPI Technology Platform — all yours to use in your own business and for your clients.
  • 1-hour Strategic Marketing Session — so you know EXACTLY how to position and market your new GPI People-Assessment Platform.  
  • Marketing and Sales Materials — all yours to use in your marketing. So you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or spend hours writing new sales copy and content.  

Learn more about how we can help you and your clients identify talent, hire the right people, and build cohesive teams.