Experience a better way to innovate.

Experience a better way to innovate.

ExperienceInnovation™ | Aware enables your team and organization to develop an awareness of and support for design thinking as an approach to problem solving. Our offerings will also help your organization and team provoke fresh ideas to address a meaningful challenge or opportunity.

Our 90-minute workshop highlights how to recognize and enhance creative habits like deep-user empathy, high-powered collaboration and rapid experimentation to one’s work every day.


  • An introduction of design thinking method into your culture and organization
  • Awareness of the tools and techniques of the world’s leading designers
  • A compelling approach of placing your customers/humans at the center of all problem-solving efforts
  • An understanding of how leaders can enhance and model innovative behavior


  • 90-minute workshop focused on Innovation
  • Available for 20 to 250 people
  • Ideal for teams, organizations or groups eager to apply an innovative mindset
  • Delivered by an ExperiencePoint trained facilitator

Get your team to solve ANY problem in 60 minutes (without conflict or chaos!)