Experience Innovation™ 

A Two-Day Design Sprint Simulation
to Help Your People Master Design Thinking and Enable Innovation Skill-Building at Scale.

Accelerate your people’s journey toward design-thinking mastery by having them apply new methods to a real organizational challenge in this Design Sprint Simulation that includes fieldwork with live customers.

Available for 15-200 people, this two-day workshop delivered in partnership with ExperiencePoint® is ideal for front-end of project work, leadership-development programs, and culture change initiatives.

In short, you won’t just learn about Design Sprints, you’ll experience them in action.  

This workshop teaches your people how to uncover new insights into your customer’s needs and generate nascent solutions that can be explored to create real value …

  • From observing users to build empathy and creating learning-oriented experiments by conducting user interviews.
  • Transforming insights into opportunities.
  • Your people will apply the skills needed to tackle your design-thinking projects from start to finish.

Outcomes for your Business and Organization:

Make meaningful progress on real challenges
Develop a common language for innovation

Put customers at the center of design efforts (so you are creating products, services, and experiences they actually want and need)

Grow nascent ideas into powerful, ready-to-implement solutions
Integrate design-thinking into your work culture

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