Learn How To Run Design Sprints With Your Team
So You Can Accelerate Your Innovation Process
And Build Better Solutions, Fast.

Created by the team at Google Ventures, Design Sprints compress work that would usually take m-o-n-t-h-s into mere days.   

During a Design Sprint we lean out the standard design process to launch services and customer experiences quicker, so that you can learn from REAL user data, not guesswork.

Ultimately, a Design Sprint will help you validate an idea and create a solution or an experience which will differentiate your business in the market.  

Tell me:  

  • How rapidly are you generating customer insights?
  • How rapidly are you responding to market shifts?
  • How rapidly are you able to implement new products and services? 

The Design Sprint Process supports your organization to:

  • Test new ideas
  • Confirm Desirability of a product or a service
  • Create cross-functional collaboration
    • Explore Innovation Methods
    • A catalyst for launching your organization’s Innovative Roadmap
    • Answers Design questions quickly
    • Stops endless debates and endless meetings

Let us help give your team a common language for innovation and a proven approach they can follow again and again, taking the chaos out of change and helping dramatically raise the innovation capacity of your team.  



This is a four-day Bootcamp designed to teach you all the ins-and-outs of facilitating successful Design Sprints within your team.

Day 1: And the Challenge is...

You’ll learn to fall in love at first sight with the right problem – no rushing to the wrong solution.

Get answers to important questions like: Is your problem real? Are you tackling a problem worth solving? And how do you get a stakeholder buy-in to actually run a sprint in your organization? (This is KEY).

Day 2: Understanding customer needs

You’ll go to the next step by taking your initial idea and turning it into a testable prototype. That means learning to fully understand the customers’ needs and how to sketch solutions quickly.

With the right tools and techniques, you’ll spark ideas and get the most out of your teams’ creativity and expertise. And by the end of day 3, you’ll test your ideas and prototypes with customers.

Day 3: Prototyping

The whole point of this day is to make something realistic that can be put in front of people so that you can get genuine reactions and feedback.

Don’t forget that the whole reason for making the prototype is to get answers to the Sprint questions. You only need to take exactly what’s in the storyboard and make it look and feel real enough to users, so that you get genuine feedback. Don’t create anything new!

Day 4: Facilitation Fun

This day is filled with lots of action, energy, and creating an “innovation” mini lab for your team/organization. By successfully facilitating a sprint, you’ll gain all the confidence needed as a Design Sprint Master.

You’ll be improving your communication skills and learning how to encourage participation while managing difficult group dynamics full of different personalities and handling tricky sprint situations.



Immersive, practical experience with the Design Sprint process (used in business like Google, Adidas, Facebook and more). 


Confidence that you are ready to facilitate the BEST Design Sprint experience with your team and in your organization.


Everything you need to help your people to create new, innovative solutions.

In short, you’ll be ready to roll and implement this process with your team!

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