We help organizational development experts and executives design AI Strategies and Concepts.

Based on the design sprint developed at Google Ventures but designed to focus specifically on artificial intelligence, we built the AI Design Sprint™ around a set of intuitive tools and processes made to give you and your team the confidence and focus to rapidly explore, learn and co-develop AI solutions.

Sessions range from 2 days to 2 weeks. They are playful, high energy and structured experiences where participants learn by doing and the outcomes can be eye-opening.

Once concepts have been developed our AI expert performs a tech check and outlines an initial road map for implementation together with building and testing a rapid prototype.


  • Gain an overview of the current state of AI
  • Identify potential applications of AI within your business
  • Co-develop user-centric and ethical AI concepts
  • Align all key stakeholders from the get-go
  • Get a tested prototype to validate concept and direction
  • Compress months of team debate into 2 weeks
  • Kick-off innovation momentum – teams will know where to start
  • Provide a clear view into what is possible
  • Keep product development cycles short – teams stay enthusiastic and focused